About Us

Tom began training in leatherwork at the age of eight, studying under Don Atkinson at Don’s Boot and Saddle shop in Trenton, Missouri. Don, incidentally, kept his horses at the home of Donna’s parents.

Donna and Tom met while showing horses and married while they were in college. After college, Tom drifted away from leatherwork to serve the community as a police officer and Donna became a registered nurse.

Over the years, Tom and Donna saw several career changes; Tom left law enforcement and went into banking and then real estate while Donna obtained her Ph.D and did research in the field of organ transplantation.

In 2009, they decided to go into business and open a leather shop. They sought out Don Atkinson, who was living in Ingram, Texas at the time, to further their knowledge and skills in leather crafting and opened their shop in 2010.

Drawing on their experiences and creativity, Lakeland Leatherworks is able to offer a diverse collection of purses, belts, bags, clothing, chaps, and just about anything else made from leather.