Below are the answers to some of our mostly commonly asked questions. Don’t see your question listed below? No problem! Contact us and let us know what’s on your mind.

How long does it take to receive an order after it is placed?

That all depends on your order. Most of our items are made-to-order; they don’t exist until we receive your order.

A custom-made belt, for example, may take a couple of weeks or less. But a larger item, such as a dress or bag, may take more time.

Just remember: the larger the item, the more complicated the design, and/or the more personalized details you request will dictate the length of time it takes to complete your order.

We do keep a selection of premade inventory on hand, so if you buy from our already existing stock, the timeline is much shorter; just packaging and shipping times. For in-stock items, we try to have the item to you within a week of your order. Sooner if you want it shipped express.

What type of leather hides do you use?

Our hides come from a variety of animals, including but not limited to lamb, sheep, deer, buffalo, cow, kangaroo, and so forth. Exotic hides might be used for decorations or accents, depending on your desires.

The type of hide used is dictated by what is being made and the need for soft and supple, medium weight, or heavier leather.

No hides are used from any source unless we can verify to our satisfaction that the animal that produced the hide was not slaughtered only for the purpose of obtaining the hide.

Where do you get your leather and other supplies?

We buy from manufactures and suppliers here in the United States. Most of our materials come from California, Missouri, Ohio, and Massachusetts.

What is the difference between an embossed belt, a stamped belt, and a hand carved belt?


An embossed belt is imprinted by a machine that presses a pattern into belts with a roller. There is essentially no handwork involved and these belts are mass-produced hundreds at a time.

A belt that has been stamped by hand normally takes several hours to complete. There may be as many as 500 or more separate strokes by the craftsman to make one of these belts. The stamping is deeper on a handmade belt, which means it will last much longer and should be treasured as an authentic handmade belt. It can be personalized, which embossed belts cannot be. Embossed belts generally have a very short life and must be replaced often while a handmade belt will last for years.

With hand carved belts, the same steps apply as in making a stamped belt, but instead of stamping the belt, the leather is carved. It is very labor intensive but it provides a very high quality leather product.

How do I find your shop?

The shop is located just off interstate 40 east of Memphis at exit 20.

Once you arrive at Exit 20, go south on Canada Road approximately 1.5 miles and Monroe Road will be on your left. Go approximately 2 miles to 10305 Monroe Road. We have a large cement parking area that will accommodate trailers and motor coaches.

Are there other things to do in the area when we come to your shop?

Definitely! There are all kinds of things to do that are close by.

The Memphis entertainment area hosts several attractions: Beale Street, FedEx Forum, the River Front, Downtown entertainment area, Autozone Stadium, Graceland, Sun Studios, St. Jude Children Hospital, the Equine Arena at the Shelby County Agricenter and the Bass Pro Shop on the Mississippi River. Most of these attractions are located 25 minutes from our location. The Tunica Casino area is located less than 45 minutes South. The West Memphis Casino and Dog Track is located 30 minutes due West of our location. And Nashville is located 3 hours east on I-40.


Below are our policies regarding privacy, sales tax, shipping, returns, and custom made products.


We will never sell or give any confidential information about our customers to other business entities or individuals unless we have obtained your expressed written permission to do so, or we are ordered by a legal authority to do so, such as a court of law.

Similarly, we will only associate your name with a personal recommendation for our products or services after acquiring your permission.

All financial information obtained over the internet will be handled through a highly secure web site whose security is provided in part by Intuit Corporation. Credit card numbers, debit card numbers, bank account numbers, or other identifying financial information will not be kept on file by Lakeland Leatherworks after your order has been delivered.

Sales Tax

Sales tax will be charged only for purchases made in the state of Tennessee, unless required otherwise by federal or state law.



Items are shipped by United Parcel Post (UPS), Federal Express, or by US Ground Mail unless requested otherwise. Shipping, insurance, and handling charges will be added to your bill only at the amount charged by the carrier. Items sent by mail will be insured for the value of the item shipped.


Return request forms can be obtained by contacting us.

A fully completed return request form must accompany all requests for a refund or replacement. Full refunds, or replacements, will be mailed within 60 days upon receipt of unused products (received in the same condition as when it was shipped), along with the completed return request form.

Full refunds for custom made items can only be granted if the item does not bear any special markings, words, or names, and can be placed in our stock inventory.

Refunds can only be made for items up to 90 days after purchase and only for items which do not have obvious wear from abuse, or damaged by any means than from normal wear.

Deposits on Custom Made Products

For all custom made items, a 50% deposit is required in advance at the time the order is placed. The remaining balance will be due upon once the product is ready to ship. The deposit will be forfeited if payment is not received within 30 days of the customer’s notification that their custom made product is completed and ready for shipment.