Funky fringe Annie Oakley Crossbody
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Annie Oakley Crossbody


  • *Leather Type
    *Cheyenne Colors

    A top grain cowside with a medium to soft temper and light finish for protection that retains a nice natural look. May contain minor blemishes and occasional brands.

    *Motochap Colors

    Beautiful drum dyed natural full grain sides. Our distributors are the undisputed kings in the United States for this type of leather. Hugely Popular.

    *Soft Metallic Colors

    This leather has a soft and supple feel and is a great leather for those desiring a little razzle dazzle.

    *Butterball Colors

    A natural, semi-aniline, milled full grain leather with a touch as delicious as the name. This magnificent leather has a “silky feel” with a smooth flat grain.

    *Designer Delight Colors

    Vat dyed sides with an extra flair that is perfect for those seeking a beautiful palette of fashion colors and core earth tones. From South American raw material, so it may contain a healed scratch or defect.

    *Garment Bison Colors

    A lighter weight American Bison that is not a deeply pebbled as the heavier weights making it perfect for handbags, chaps, and some garments.

    *Nassa Colors

    A soft and supple leather with slight texture a nice protective finish.

    *Lining Color
  • Size*
  • Fringe Accents*

Product Description

Get fringed! This special version of the Sacramento Crossbody takes on rows and rows and rows of fringe. The standard bag comes with two rows across the bottom and one across the front, but you can add a row of fringe to each side. The inside is lined with soft pigsuede and includes an inside pocket to keep your small items secured. A long sliding shoulder strap allows you to adjust the bag to your comfort—wear it fully extended for a long, crossbody, or shortened as a shoulder bag.

Craft a bag that’s uniquely you by picking the leather type and color.

Because we make our bags based on your specific vision, please allow us six (6) to eight (8) weeks from the order date to create your bag.

Looking for something a little different? We can modify all our designs to suit your needs. Contact us to craft something solely tailored to you.

Additional Information


6 x 8

Fringe Accents

–Select –, Bottom Only, Bottom & Front, Fringe Everywhere


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