The sky's the limit when it comes to the Donna Tote. Practically the only thing it won't do it make you dinner.
donna-toteLining Colors

Donna Tote


  • *Leather Type
    *Cheyenne Colors

    A top grain cowside with a medium to soft temper and light finish for protection that retains a nice natural look. May contain minor blemishes and occasional brands.

    *Croco-Cow Colors

    Medium temper cowsides with a nice look for those seeking animal prints.

    *Dublin Colors

    A full grain European cowhide, with a natural-milled texture and a “full body” feel. Hard wax tannage adds a light polish that provides texture and slight contrast in tone. This is absolutely gorgeous leather.

    *Glovetan Colors

    Beautiful top grain cow with soft temper. These aniline dyed sides have a very natural look and pebble grain. Some colors may have a “light leveling coat” to ensure color and consistency.

    *MellowTan Colors

    Beautiful top grain cowsides with a medium to soft temper. A hugely popular leather line that is processed and tanned to exact specifications on #1 grade USA hides. All colors have a light finish to ensure color consistency, except those noted as “naked.”

    *Motochap Colors

    Beautiful drum dyed natural full grain sides. Our distributors are the undisputed kings in the United States for this type of leather. Hugely Popular.

    *Tombstone Colors

    Tombstone is a classic “distressed” leather with a natural character that gives it an aged appearance. Its surface will lighten and darken with use, becoming more distressed over time. Because Tombstone is considered to be a “naked” leather with a minimum amount of protection, it is meant to scuff, stain and will contain some healed scars so that it appears more worn with use. The pull-up characteristics of this leather will also provide contrast in both luster and color.

    *WWII Colors

    A soft distressed leather with a natural character that gives it an aged appearance.

    *Lining Color

    To see lining colors, click on the palette thumbnail near the product image.  

  • Size*

Product Description

Our heavy-duty totes are guaranteed to stand up to daily use and wear well over time. Purse, briefcase substitute, overnight bag, airplane carryon, sophisticated diaper bag–the possibilities are endless! Our totes come with brass or chrome feet, so they will rest upright when you need to set them down and protect the leather. Ample pockets and a secure latch round out the perfect tote.

Craft a bag that’s uniquely you by picking the leather type and color.

Because we make our bags based on your specific vision, please allow us six (6) to eight (8) weeks from the order date to create your bag.

Looking for something a little different? We can modify all our designs to suit your needs. Contact us to craft something solely tailored to you.


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