The Poppy Tote is designed for utility and durability.

Poppy Tote


  • *Leather Type
    *Antique Bison Colors

    This is unique leather that only North America can offer with a medium temper and smooth grain and antique look.

    *Tombstone Colors

    Tombstone is a classic “distressed” leather with a natural character that gives it an aged appearance. Its surface will lighten and darken with use, becoming more distressed over time. Because Tombstone is considered to be a “naked” leather with a minimum amount of protection, it is meant to scuff, stain and will contain some healed scars so that it appears more worn with use. The pull-up characteristics of this leather will also provide contrast in both luster and color.

    *WWII Colors

    A soft distressed leather with a natural character that gives it an aged appearance.

Product Description

This is the ultimate, everyday knock-around tote. Designed for durability and utility, the Poppy Tote’s basic unlined construction with inner and outer pockets can handle—and carry—almost anything. Extra wide straps make a fashion statement while providing additional weight distribution and comfort for those heavy loads, and are long enough to be worn over the shoulder.

Craft a bag that’s uniquely you by picking the leather type and color.

Because we make our bags based on your specific vision, please allow us six (6) to eight (8) weeks from the order date to create your bag.

Looking for something a little different? We can modify all our designs to suit your needs. Contact us to craft something solely tailored to you.


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