Passport Pouch
Versaille Passport Pouch

Versailles Passport Pouch


  • *Leather Type
    *Deerskin Colors

    Soft, supple yet durable hides. Lighter in weight and with a finer nap than elkskin. Deerskin has always been considered a premium leather and is worthy of refined handbags and garments. Deer being a game animal is subject to holes, blemishes and scaring.

  • Size*

Product Description

Keep your passport, important documents, and money close and secure. This crossbody passport pouch has two pockets and is made of ultra-soft deerskin–perfect for wearing under your clothing while abroad. A small sliding buckle allows you to adjust the strap so it can be worn comfortably.

Craft a bag that’s uniquely you by picking the leather type and color.

Because we make our bags based on your specific vision, please allow us six (6) to eight (8) weeks from the order date to create your bag.

Looking for something a little different? We can modify all our designs to suit your needs. Contact us to craft something solely tailored to you.


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